Thursday, 24 September 2009

Did you know that yesterday was the first official day of winter? The first day when the night is longer than the day. Summer’s over. That’s all, folks!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m going to be all doom and gloom and start talking about the nights closing in, and the cost of heating these days.

In fact, when I was told that yesterday was the first day of winter, I was quietly thrilled. Usually, I’m a sucker for a sunny day, but this year I find myself longing to have an excuse to pull out the woolly jumpers and long winter coats. I’ve seen some gorgeous chunky scarves in shop windows that I’ve got my eye on, and now I think some accessories shopping is justified.

And winter food is so much more comforting, don’t you think? Bangers and mash, casseroles, and stodgy puddings with custard! Hot chocolate! Nom nom nom!

Right on cue, this morning, on my way to the station, I felt the first pinch of winter on the air. The first sign of the sharpness that makes a girl dig her hands into her pockets, and double check that her trashmina is in her bag. The sky seemed a long way up this morning, and everyone was walking that tiny bit faster.

So you can keep your summer frocks and your light salads. I’m off home to fire up the boiler and dig out the thermals.


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