Monday, 23 August 2010

Lost in Translation

Question: What do the following phrases have in common?

- I get to see very good article.
- To visit the hello, great blog to help you promote a culture.
- Time is shaping the lives of the material.
- To help fight popular, go, go, go.
- Happy to enjoy the results of the work process.
- Time is the life of the soul.
- The best gift in life is to own a slice of pie.
- Death is sad, but even more sad to live unhappy.

Answer: They are all translations of the Chinese comments posted on my blog in the last month.

Now, I hate to sound picky. A comment IS a comment, after all. And it's nice to embrace all cultures. And I like a bit of foreign as much as the next person.

But PLEEEEASE, Mr China-spam, stop commenting on my blog in Chinese!!!

That is all .


  1. Genius! 'The best gift in life is to own a slice of pie.' Wow, that's some good advice.

  2. I thought it was only white collar executives who spoke gibberish like that.

  3. You know, he probably got it off all their stationery. We used to laugh so hard over the stationery quotes when I lived in Taiwan.

  4. I noticed the Chinese, but if it's spam, why keep it? We're not that desperate ;-).


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