Tuesday, 15 December 2009

How old is too old?

I'm on the train home. It's late and the train is only half full. Or half empty, depending on your perspective.

Across from me is a kid on the phone to his mate. He's hard to age - he's in clothes that would suit a teenager but I'd guess he's in his twenties.

The conversation is about a job interview tomorrow. He don't want to work for no serious city dudes, bro. (He's white, but has been taking style tips from P Diddy).

He's just told his friend that he job he really wants ... the very career that his heart desires, is to be a ninja.

All I can think is, "you'll never make a ninja if you can't work out which way your baseball cap goes on."

The moral if the story: there comes a point in your life when you are too darned old to think that being a ninja is a viable career option.


  1. Does that also mean that 36 is too old to start my Prima Ballerina career?? At least you can sleep safe in the knowledge that the future is safe in the hands of ninja boy and his like minded friends!

  2. Agreed. That age is about SEVEN. :) Plus someone needs to tell him that just saying you're a ninja doesn't actually MAKE you a ninja. Ha!

  3. Yeah, when you are about J's size!

  4. Whaaaat?! I am 36 and still aspiring to be a ninja (or at least morph into a ninja when the going gets tough).


  5. Psst. I am a ninja.

    You're not to tell anyone or I'll have to kill you. But at least it would be quick.

  6. Pretty hard to find work as a corporate ninja these days.

  7. RH - Not at all. But you'll need to put your tu-tu on the right way 'round of you'll just look silly.

    VA - Does that mean that my ploy to tell everyone that I'm very beautiful and desirable won't work either ...?

    L - Frankly I think J (aged 4 for the uninitiated) is a little clumsy for a ninja. I never yet heard of a ninja running into a door frame ...

    A - Furzedown is short of ninjas (I think) so I think you owe it to us all to get going.

    BL - I suspected as much. It's the black catsuit that gives it away, of course.

    IIA - You're right. You'd have to be freelance I think. Perhaps advertise in the paper. "Ninja seeks ninjaing work. Available 24-7. Reasonable rates."


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