Sunday, 13 December 2009

A special request

"Will you write a blog about this wedding?"
"Yes, I imagine so."
"Will you put something in it about me?"
"If you want. What should I say?"
"Noooo! Don't do that! The hospital would find out and I'd be fired!"
"No-one will find out. The hospital would have to read my blog, work out who I am, work out that I know a doctor in your particular hospital, and work out it's you. What shall I say about you in my blog?"
"Um ... You can say that last week I had to touch a man's penis. Again."


  1. And that, I believe, is why most women become nurses.

    Or it might be if penises weren't so bloody ri-dick-ulous. Boom boom.

  2. I get that all the time. Best way is to say yes, and then write something totally untrue and terribly rude. You lose a few friends but it does save you the bother of fielding requests. Every cloud.


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