Monday, 25 January 2010

Some things happened

Three Things Made Me Scratch My Head

1) A man dressed as a cigarette was standing on Oxford Street handing out leaflets. I assumed that they were about giving up smoking, so I said, "No thanks. I don't smoke." And he said, "Oh, no, these are about cheap phone deals."

So why are you ...? Oh, never mind!

2) A man on the train (who bore more than a passing resemblance to Bob Carolgees) was talking on a mobile phone. An average, unremarkable, typical silver box. But more remarkably, when he was listening to it, he held it to his ear and when he was talking, he moved it around and held it upright, in front of his mouth.

Has he never seen anyone using a phone before? Or does he think they are all walkie talkies?

3) The earring dropped out of my hands and I saw it hit the carpet and bounce. It wasn't moving fast. It was low to the ground. It can only have gone so far. So where is it? Where. Is. It? I've looked where it landed. I've looked four feet in every direction from it. I've run my hand over the carpet. It's gone. But do you know what? Later, when I walk over there to take off my (lesser, second choice) earrings in my bare feet, I bet you a fiver that I stand on the sodding thing.

Three Things Made Me Smile

1) Brad has left Angelina. He's probably on his way over here right now. I'll put my best spotty jarmies on to be ready for his almost certain arrival. Now, where did I put my bed socks?

2) I had a thank you card from a friend for her Christmas gift. It starts, "Thank you so much for my lovely earrings. They are stunningly slim and gorgeous, much like myself ..." As I read it, I can hear her saying it, and I'm reminded how fab it is to have a pal you know well enough to be able to finish their sentences for them.

3) I saw an ad for the Winter Olympics. (I don't know if that should have a capital W or not, but, I've tried it both ways, and with looks better). I LOVE the Winter Olympics. It's twenty different types of skidding. I am the least sporty person on the planet, and I loathe the cold, snow, and ice. Winter sports ought to be repellent to me, but I can't wait to watch a bit of high end, well trained, semi-professional skiddage.

Three Things Made Me Feel A Little Bit Guilty

1) I found a bar of dairy milk in the fridge and I'm eating it. It's my fridge, my chocolate, my house, so there's nothing really to feel guilty about. But it does feel a small bit indulgent.

2) I got the jar of herbs off the shelf and as I did so, I noticed that the "best before" date on the thyme was September 2007. That means that I moved an out-0f-date jar of herbs from my old flat to my new house. It also explains why nothing has tasted very thymey for a while ...

3) I'm typing* this whilst watching Glee. I feel a bit dirty, but also a bit compelled to turn on the subtitles so that I can sing along.

* I typed "tryping" before correcting, but on reflection, maybe I was right the first time...


  1. The only thing which astounds me about this whole post is that you had a bar of dairy milk in your fridge that you'd FORGOTTEN about. The presence of chocolate in my house is emblazoned on my brain until I've consumed it.
    Also, sorry Brad was late, he got somewhat delayed here on his way over :)

  2. A fellow tootinger- how exciting! I'm with Molly - my diary milk (whole nut variety - nom nom nom)went in one fail swoop. Saving it? Not on your nelly...

  3. Oh, how I love Glee. I reckon the lead guy looks like a cross between Justin Timberlake and my man. Swoon.

  4. I should explain. It was in the veg box at the bottom of the fridge. Lordy knows why. I think it snuck in over Christmas and rattled it's way down. It was good.

    Molly - But the lure of the jarma was still too much ...!!!

    SR - Oh, hello! I could lean out the window and shout that and you'd hear me! HELLO!

    MB - You're right, he is a bit JT, isn't he? Can't comment on whether he looks like your man, but can comment that you're a lucky lady!!!


  5. Remind me one day to tell you the story of the 20 year old exploding can of condensed milk... and you forgot about the chocolate? Wow. Who's Brad Pitt? (Just kidding. I'm still shocked about the chocolate!).

  6. well, now, I didn't know that. Maybe he is coming here too and doing the rounds, round tooting! :)

    You do make me giggle. how did a bar of dairy milk get into the fridge without you knowing?! If I found something like this, some-one else would have had to have put it there!!! I would know and have eaten it, if it was me!

    Off to look for some chocolate somewhere in my house xx


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