Friday, 22 January 2010

Three (Plus) Beautiful Things

I'm in quite an upbeat and positive mood today, for the first time in ages. AGES! Lord alone knows why - it's peeing down outside, I've achieved nothing but a trip to the supermarket so far, and I've just realised that I did that wearing a top that has a big dribble of toothpaste down the front.

But do you know what I say? I say PAH! to it all!

So! I'll give you the Three Beautiful Things that I have so far (it's about 3:15pm), and I'm going to leave this half written post open and add to it as the day continues. Because you know what? I think there's more to come ...

1) Do you remember these two, who brought me such glee? Well they're back! Read their latest exploits here.

OK. So their latest exploits are similar to (the same as) their previous exploits, but now we have a new quote to add to it. Thank you to Judge Beatrice Bolton for saying, "... it's quite clear from the small extract I heard that you made no attempt to silence yourself." Splendid!

Please, if this woman is in court again, can you let me know in advance, so I can book a train ticket and bag a seat in the public gallery?

2) The car started first time. And didn't break down. And got me to my destination and back again. Without stopping. That might be four beautiful things right there. It's certainly the first time for any of those events in 2010! Whoopee for that!

3) "Everything I do, I do it for you" was just on the radio, and I discovered that, nineteen years (can you believe it?) after Robin Hood walked from Dover to Nottingham via Hadrian's Wall in one day, I still know all the words.


4) A text message came through from a friend, "on way home. Do you fancy a cuppa?" I replied, "let me know you're home and I'll pop 'round." No more than two minutes later the message back is, "come 'round now!" So I did. And spent a couple of lovely hours drinking tea, eating Jamaican ginger cake and talking about the world with two thoroughly gorgeous ladies.


5) Chinese takeaway. That is all.


6) The candles that are burning in the grate have all got to a critical stage. Over the course of the last two hours they've gone from looking clean and neat to being very dribbly. The wax that's spilled over has made pleasing trickles on the tiles in the hearth and I can't decide whether I want to leave it to get more "rustic" looking, or pick it off. It's got that picking-a-scab kind of attraction.

10:40 pm

7) I've almost finished my first bead carrot. I know, I know! But it looks better than it sounds. I'll post a photo of it soon, and explain why ...

8) I've found a place that sells onesies according to height, which, being taller than the average bear, seems very sensible to me. Also, being a bit of a pyjama slut, I now can't imagine my life without them. Red, pink or camo. What do you think?

9) Hot ribena. It's like nostalgia in a mug. AND it's rich in vitamin C, so it's all good.


10) My tenth beautiful thing is that I've written a list of ten beautiful things. Och, but I'm in a perky mood today!

Happy Friday 22nd January to you all! It's a good day.



  1. Really super glad you had a good day!! Sounds wonderful :)

  2. I just love those pyjamas and have enjoyed myself immensely imagining Mrs & Mrs Hot Screaming Sex wearing matching pairs of Tribal skulls (with drop flap), whilst doing the horizontal mamba. Hilarious! Thanks!

  3. The tags for this post might be the only time you find "sex" and "Ribena" in such close proximity. Lovely post, mind you.

  4. Fabby post. And I think I might just have to get myself a 6 foot onesie for Tewkesbury. To drink hot Ribena in. Oh yes.

  5. Onesies according to height! Consider my day made.

  6. ER - Thanks! It was lovely.
    IG - I'm not sure that the jimmers could make Mr and Mrs HSS any less likely as wild love makers!
    MLS - Or perhaps you just don't read the right blogs, dear.
    BL - I'm thinking a six foot one, extra wide. I want to make sure I have wiggle room ...
    IIA - I KNOW! And with feet! If they only had wee willie winkie hats to boot ...


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