Sunday, 14 February 2010

Be Mine ...?

In Reading, not long into the new year, we shuffled home, three of us groaning under the weight of our full tums, when we came upon a lovely and unexpected thing.

On the side of the road was an illuminated advertising board, usually dedicated to shampoo and TV show promotions, but instead showing a lovely selection of adverts from days gone by.

Arranged, collage style, were old Sutton's Seeds posters sporting beautiful oil paintings of flowers and vegetables, and adverts for gentleman's outfitters, and sweets long forgotten, alongside a rather sobering list of people tried in the local courts for minor misdemeanours, and sentenced to transportation.

But amongst them all was a poster for an event which looks lovely in every way!

What a shame I'm sixty years too late to enter. Otherwise, would I have been there? Not 'arf!

However you are celebrating (or avoiding!) today, have a good one!

Now ... pucker up!



  1. I can't believe I missed that, I wonder if it is still there?! What a lovely advert, thank you very much for taking a photo and posting it. Fab!

  2. Oh I love the idea of that. In fact, I have a small red lipstick that would be perfect for the event as it is designed to come off immediately on contact!

  3. I'm worried that technically the rules of this competition don't preclude a 9 year old necking a 69 year old unless one of them has committed the cardinal sin of eating peppermints beforehand.

  4. HF&I - I'm not a Reading girl, so I don't know if I could find it a second time. I think it was just over a bridge over the ring road, heading west ish.

    Am - Alright, alright, keep your new lacy pants on, you saucy devil!

    MLS - Does anyone "neck" anymore? Since they took Happy Days off the telly? I think people stopped doing that at the same time as they stopped "heavy petting" at the swimming pool.

  5. Har! I wonder who really came up with those age ranges; I mean, 70 I can understand, but 7? Perhaps 17 would have been better...


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