Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Think Warm Thoughts

Oh, reader, reader, what am I to do!?

My boiler is broken. Kaput. Knackered. Without boil. It is an ex-boiler. It is deceased. It is no more.

I'm exaggerating. I hope. The Boiler Man is coming on Thursday morning to either (a) make it all better and earn my love forever, or (b) tell me that it can only be fixed at vast expense and I should mortgage a kidney to pay for it.

Still, it's not like it's as cold as a cold thing from Coldville at the moment, eh?! (*shiver*)

Meanwhile, you find me writing this whilst wearing fleecy jarma bottoms, a jumper, a giant cardigan, two pairs of socks, a trashmina, and fingerless gloves, from my bed, where I am under the double thickness winter duvet and a blanket, with a hot water bottle and a mug of hot ribena (my current drug of choice).

But I wonder if you think that I should knit myself one of these gorgeous combos, just to make sure I'm really snuggled right in? After all, these two cool dudes look VERY hot indeed!

I'm off under the duvet for the night. Think of me, you lucky centrally heated buggers. And if you get the chance, please send chunky knitteds.


  1. Now that's a good look. You gotta wonder if the models lost some sort of bizarre bet.

    So sorry to hear about your boiler. I will package up and post you some ridiculously hot Australian Summer weather to help you out. That's if I can move my melted body from under the air con.

    Here's hoping that you get a visit from the Einstein of boiler repairers and you are toasty warm very soon.

  2. I think that that's a superbly stunning balaclava and I'm going to knit one for you in something warm and itchy so you can suffer like we do in our sticking hot Australian summer...

  3. I can tell you are looking hot, even if you aren't feeling the heat.

  4. oh my, you paint a merry picture - bit of laughing may warm you up ;)


    Thanks for positive comment on blog, bit of good news eh?!

  5. That's crap, so sorry for your freezingness.
    Mr ER brought me home a slanket today, have you seen them? So ugly but so warm! He told me to get it on as he wishes to turn the heating off so we dont owe the gas company 5 grand next month, er no!


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