Sunday, 21 February 2010

This weekend (2) ...

1) We won the pub quiz. Our answers all felt rather more like guesses than a presentation of knowledge, but we pulled it off!

2) I was told that I didn't fit in with a group of artists because I'm too professional. It was (a) the first time I've been told I was too professional and (b) the first time I've considered being too professional to be an insult!

3) After her bath, when I was combing her hair, I teased my goddaughter, telling her that she was the second most beautiful person in the room after me.  She cocked her head on one side, looked at me thoughtfully and said, "well, maybe if you put some makeup on ...".

4) I lost at Monopoly to a real life millionaire with hotels on all the yellows and reds.

5) I went to a birthday party which featured wellington boots ...

... and deep puddles.

6) I flirted with an Italian.  In English.  

7) I went to Brighton to watch a friend run in the Brighton half marathon, in the pouring, driving, icy rain. My heart goes out to the 8000 pour souls idiots who ran 13 miles in such foul weather.

8) We played a game.  Would you rather give up bacon or sausages, meat or cheese, ketchup or brown sauce, cakes or doughnuts?  Answers by four people aged 33, 32, 6 and 4 were debated and well presented.  Until the six year old floored us with the question; would you rather have no central heating, or an elephant in your house.  And no-one had an answer.

9) The oven timer was set so that, when we got home, the house smelled of roast lamb and garlic.

10) I had lots of jobs and errands to do when I got home, but dash, dash, dashed, and got it all done in a little over an hour.  If only my life was always so efficient.  


  1. What about the lady on the train? Surely she deserves a mention?!!

  2. She probably does. But maybe in another post, where she might not be over shaddowed by the heating / elephant debate.

  3. Well done! Our team only managed to get third place in our pub quiz this weekend. :-)

  4. Sounds a lovely weekend. We watched the runners from our cosy hotel room and were entertained by the antics of a chap we watched trying to dodge the stewards and leg it across a road that had been temporarily closed to allow the runners to sprint without fear of being knocked over. Luckily the stewards were pretty nifty on their feet. Hope your friend did well, I'm sure your support was very much appreciated.
    btw - re number 2, I'd take it as a compliment and for professionalism read integrity.

  5. hilarious!!!!!! Love that kind of 6 year old question.

    I had a journey to school yesterday that started off with can a man marry another man? 7 year old continued debating and answering himself until he got to: 'well if two women marry each other will they both have a baby?' At which point I was cracking up!



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