Friday, 26 March 2010

The Rules

Is it a rule that, if you've closely followed five programmes in a six part series, something will prevent you from watching the grand finale?

Is it a rule that you'll get a spot on your nose just when you've got friend you've not seen for ages coming to stay?

Is it a rule that it'll rain the day you've had your hair done?

Is it a rule that really fat* people have to sit next to you on the bus?

Is it a rule that taxi drivers have to stop so that the passenger door is right next to a big puddle?

Is it a rule that someone will call for a chat when you're up to here (*gestures point quite high up) with things to do?

Is it a rule that, just after you've hoovered, you'll drop a big pile of something dusty or granular?

Is it a rule that, when you put black jeans in the wash, there'll be a tissue in the pocket?


(NB I'm actually in a fairly prosaic mood. I mean, all of the above rules have proved themselves to exist today, and I've dropped a few things, lost a few things, accidentally hoovered up a few things, but I'm feeling fairly tra-la-la about it all. Just, y'know, avoid giving me any sharp objects of children to hold in the next 24 hours, just in case).

* If not fat, then smelly. If not smelly then squirmy. If not squirmy then downright flaming mental.


  1. well, I am totally having one of those times at the moment. Not only did the hoover refuse to hoover up, when I emptied it it puffed out the dust, then when hoovering with a new bag in it, it died mid-way through and was so hot I thought it was going to catch fire. I now have to mend/buy a new hoover.

    After having been away and felt some warmth I have found I have come back to a second winter and trying hard to fight off the blues :(

    What can we do to cheer ourselves up and change the rules?!



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