Monday, 15 March 2010

Spring has sprung

Well, I hope it has. The signs, thus far, are positive.

I feel like the cold started a lifetime ago. I feel like I've spent years planning coats and scarves and gloves and hats. Tights under trousers and spare socks on top. Vests under t-shirts under jumpers under cardigans. I feel like I've spent every other day doing laundry because I've been wearing so much so fast. I feel like I spend my journey home from the office living for the moment that I feel the fuggy warmth of the central heating.

One of my early posts was about the thrill of feeling the first bite of winter in the air. That post was written by a stupid person who WAS NOT IN HER RIGHT MIND! That post was written by someone who clearly had forgotten what being cold is like.

THIS person remembers. And THIS person is gleeful to see blue sky, flower shoots, buds on trees. This person has a bunch of daffodils on the kitchen windowsill, nodding their happy spring heads at me when I walk in the door.

These last few days have been like a new world. I've felt the sun on my face, and seen banks of crocuses. I've come home and turned the thermostat down on the central heating. I've left the house without gloves, put my scarf in my bag, and unbuttoned my coat. Yesterday I even went coatless!

Resolutions ought not be made on January 1st. They should be made now. This is the time of year when things feel optimistic and positive. It's now when there's reason and incentive to look to the future.

Is anyone nervous that I might burst into song? You should be. I am. A couple of sunny days and I'm prancing around like Maria Von Flaming Trapp!

Ach, who cares! Spring in the air, and a spring in my step. And thank the Lord for that!


  1. Coatless! Coatless? Whatever next? You'll be skipping down the street, scattering rose petals without your thermals on next. Where will it all end? *mutter mutter*

  2. What a fab post, I feel like spring is well and truly sprung and on the basis of this post I am going to completely evaluate my work wardrobe for tomorrow!

  3. Yup - I've been noticing birds and everything!


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