Thursday, 6 May 2010

100 Things

Lots of radio silence recently, for which I can only apologise.

My beloved old laptop (the dino-puter) has died a flamboyant death, in a torrent of virus'. 27 in total, the poor dear. So until I can get to John Lewis (other department stores do exist) to get a replacement, I will be limited to clandestine work time and weekend posting ops only.

With this in mind, I give you the following. Do stick with it. There's some corkers in there. My favourites are 37, 41, 78 (what a guy!) and, of course, 100.

1. More than 99
2. Less than 101
3. 10²
4. C, to the Romans
5. 1100100 in binary
6. Boiling point of water
7. Atomic number of fermium
8. Years in a century
9. Number of tiles in a scrabble set
10. Telephone number for the operator
11. Number of yards on an American Football field
12. Top marks!
13. Address of oldest live music club in London
14. Number of years in the Hundred Years War (give or take ...)
15. Centimeters in a meter
16. FTSE
17. Film, staring Mylene Dizon
18. Age of Bob Hope when he died
19. √ 10,000
20. Average IQ
21. Hecto
22. Sum of the first four cube numbers (1+8+27+64)
23. Sum of the first ten odd numbers (1+3+5+7+9+11+13+15+17+19)
24. The year Pliny The Younger came to power
25. Number of Senators in the US Senate
26. Telephone number for the Police in Greece
27. Years of Solitude, by Garcia Marquez
28. ... Years Ago by the Rolling Stones
29. Haircut ...
30. The dollar bill with Jefferson on it
31. The road that goes over Tower Bridge
32. The size of the biggest Bank of England note in circulation (but only in Scotland)
33. The number of runs in a century in cricket
34. The number of jiffies in a second
35. "I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times the conclusions is false. The 100th time I am right." Albert Einstein
36. Number of zeros in a googol
37. Amount, in pounds, paid to Tony Hart for designing the boat design on the Blue Peter badge.
38. Speed that a sneeze travels out of the nose
39. The number of pairs of shoes that I own (roughly)
40. The distance a wolf covers in a day, in miles
41. The number of people who choke on a ball point pen in America every year
42. Ikhulu in Zulu
43. A ton in cockney rhyming slang
44. One less than there are red balloons
45. Dear Jane's debut album
46. The sum of the first nine prime numbers (2+3+5+7+11+13+17+19+23)
47. An octadecagonal number
48. Number of pounds in a hundredweight
49. Pennies in a pound, cents in a dollar, cents in a Euro, etc
50. The number of years from now that the Byrds sang about
51. Miles per hour = speeding ticket
52. Bus route from Elephant and Castle to Shadwell
53. Cheapest beach holiday currently listed on Expedia
54. Distance from my house to Bristol
55. Cost of a Picasso in dollars (and in millions)
56. An area of land big enough to sustain 100 families
57. The number of surnames which 85% of Chinese people have
58. 1/5 the distance that the Proclaimers would walk
59. The number of fingers and toes in my family
60. Sexual acts performed each day worldwide (in millions)
61. Times a human heart beats in a minute and a half
62. Different vocal sounds that a cat can make
63. Take offs and landings at Heathrow in two hours
64. Passengers through Clapham Junction train station every three minutes
65. Years since George V came to the thrown
66. The number of men for every 102 women in Canada
67. Hours spent online to compile this list
68. The sum of two prime numbers (47+53)
69. Men diagnosed with breast cancer each year
70. Home of Winnie the Pooh
71. Very bright light!
72. Blood vessels in the back of your hand
73. The distance (in feet) that a squirrel can fall without hurting itself
74. Breeds of cats
75. Languages spoken in Canada
76. Calories in a teaspoon of peanut butter
77. Number of times lightening strikes the Earth per second
78. The distance Larry Lewis ran in 17.8 seconds in 1969. Aged 101!
79. The distance Usain Bolt ran in 9.69 seconds in 2008. Aged 22!
80. Years that Sleeping Beauty slept for
81. Years that Rip Van Winkle slept for
82. Pounds (in millions) of coffee bought by Starbucks each year
83. Average weight of a hippo (in pounds) at birth
84. Live tarantulas in Raiders of the Lost Ark
85. Length (in feet) of the longest car ever made
86. Bottles of beer on the wall
87. Section in the library containing books on philosophy and psychology
88. Speed that lava flows out of a volcano
89. Years to wait to see a agave plant flower
90. Record for the most number of hoops hula'd in one go
91. Watts of electricity generated by a 2x4ft solar panel
92. Grams of water to dissolve 37g salt
93. Feral cats recently found to be living in Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland
94. 100 birds = good feng shui
95. Years since the death of Mark Twain
96. Number of times I've heard someone say "hung parliament" so far today
98. Cost of The Angel Islington in Monopoly
99. The number of facts on this list
100. The number of posts that I've now written


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