Sunday, 18 July 2010

This Weekend (14) ...

Another weekend of domesticity. I'll try and make "painting walls" into a ten point weekend summary, in the usual manner ...

1) Thursday night, quiz night. The quiz master decided that life would be more interesting if Team Biscuit was split in two. The boys became Team Hobnob and the girls were Team Iced Gem. The boys came last and the girls came third. Perhaps our usual winning form can be put down to the gender mix.

2) Friday morning. A few errands, the caff for breakfast, picked up the sodding car from the garage (it having failed its sodding MOT last week), a few more errands, and home. Jobs done.

3) Last weekend I inadvertently peeled some wall paper off my bedroom wall. Well, you know how it is. There was a corner. I picked at it. So I guess I'm committed to decorating it now! I cleared everything movable out of my bedroom into the spare room, leaving a wee corridor of space from the door to the bed, thus making up my snug sleeping quarters for the next few nights. But as I finished clearing the room, spreading dust sheets and assembling tools and materials, the doorbell rang. A friend dropping 'round for a cuppa and a good yarn. Just in the nick of time!! I nearly had to pick up a paintbrush!

4) All delaying tactics used up, I had to get going. A bit of unscrewing, a bit of filling, a bit of sanding, a bit of dismantling.

5) Friday night saw a gang of us at the kitchen table of the fabulous Concetta from over at Glittering Shards, each with our own creative project. Around the table seven lovely ladies sketched, stitched, designed, cut, struck, threaded, and gossipped. Bliss. And we decided to do it again in two weeks time at Amelia's house.

6) Saturday. Hot paintbrush action. All day.

7) Amongst all the clearing out and arranging of things I've done recently, I found a counted cross-stitch, half done, from years ago. On a whim, I picked it up last night, and spent the evening watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off, whilst sewing the face of a small teddy who will, when finished, depict " Septembear". Maybe it'll be a gift for a friend who is expecting. Maybe it'll just spend the next ten years in a bag, in a box, in a cupboard, still unfinished. But for now, I'm enjoying the gentle process of stitching for stitching's sake.

8) Sunday. Hot painting action. All morning. Until ...

9) Amelia has an exhibition starting this Tuesday at Spout; a community gallery space in Furzedown. This afternoon I helped her get her show set up and ready for the public. If you'd like to drop by and see Amelia and her work, she'll be at 74 Moyser Road, SW16 for the next two weeks. I'm sure she'd love to see you!

10) And now it's Sunday evening. The skirting boards, window and door frames in my bedroom have been glossed. The fireplace has been undercoated and top coated. The ceiling has been whitewashed. Three walls have been painted "Pacific Breeze" (that's a slightly bluey white to you), and one is to become Teal Tension in due course. I'm on the sofa with a embroidered bears next to me and plans to hit the John Lewis fabric department tomorrow to look for teal curtain material. But for now, I think it's bed time. G'night.


  1. Teal Tension - where do they get these names from? Is it suitable for a bedroom?!!

  2. Crikey. I feel tired just reading about that. Teal Tension sounds somehow inappropriate for the bedroom. What a bizarre name!

    (appropriately, I am just glossing over the bit about the MOT).

  3. I'm with baglady, reading this made me exhausted! Well done on getting so much done!


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