Sunday, 25 July 2010

This Weekend (15) ...

Was generally a good one. But can you believe that it's Sunday evening AGAIN?!

1) Pub quiz. My old pal Andy came with me this week and was very much worth his place on the team, getting LOTS of answers for Team Biscuit. Bravo him! He'll be invited again. We didn't win, but it's the taking part that counts.

2) The quiz has a convoluted ending each week. The £2 to take part in the quiz goes in the pot and you get a raffle ticket. After the quiz, a ticket is drawn, and the winner has to do a round of Playboy Your Cards Right. This is the same as Play Your Cards Right, but with naked ladies on the (worryingly) laminated and enlarged cards. Classy. If you get to the end of the six card run, you win the money in the pot. If you don't you win a bottle of wine. Are you following this so far?! Anyway, I won the raffle (HOORAY!) and I Playboyed My Cards Right, and I won ONE HUNDRED POUNDS! YAYAYAY!! I did a little £100 dance. Which is not the same dance that the lady on the six of diamonds would do, let me tell you ...

3) THEN, on the way home from the quiz, we saw a naked man. There he was, standing in his bedroom window, curtains open, lights on, having a good stretch (not a euphemism). What's a girl to do?! (Stare, slack jawed, and snigger a bit. That's what).

4) On Friday, I ticked lots of things off my Things I Must Do list. I bought bedroom curtains, blinds and curtain poles, I hit the supermarket, I painted my Feature Wall (Teal Tension), and I rustled up a prawn curry for dinner.

5) Then on Friday evening, I met my friend Joey and we went to Amelia's show at our wee local gallery. It was, of course, fabulous! She's one talented lady. I've got my eye on one or two things when I've got a bit more spare cash (am currently more skint than Greece). Meanwhile I have to settle for being a bit inspired.

6) I woke up fiendishly early on Saturday morning. Heavens knows why. I didn't know that 5:30 am on a weekend even existed. Still. It was nice to doze and shuffle and snuggle in and doze again, without needing to shoot out of bed, so I languished, and watched the morning turn from dull and overcast to bright and sunny before I tipped out of bed.

7) Then, for a change, I painted a bit more in my bedroom.

8) Facebook is a wonderful thing. I recently looked up an old friend from university and we've been in touch for a bit. He was in London this weekend to take part in a triathlon (pure craziness!) so I met up with him for a couple of hours yesterday. Having not seen him for at least four years, I was mildly apprehensive, but we just fell into a four year old patter and it was like we'd never lost touch. We sat and we chatted and we walked and chattered and we sat and chattered again, and when we came to saying goodbye, I realised that I'd missed him these past few years. So now I'm not going to let him go! I'll be a veritable stalker to him now, I think, just to make sure he doesn't wander off a second time!

9) A night out in Wimbledon with some marvellous friends. Cocktails, chilled rose, nibbles, gossip, people watching and idle chit-chat. Bliss.

10) And today (fanfare) I finished painting my bedroom, and put up my new blinds and curtain poles and curtains. And. It. Looks. Fab. New carpet on Friday, then wardrobes (which, after a year of hanging rails and cardboard boxes, I am indescribably excited about) and I'm done! so happy with my new bedroom imagine - all light and airy and soothing and zen-like. What will I do when I've decorated every room though? This house simply isn't big enough!


  1. Clearly when you have finished your house you can either come and finish mine or move a little bit nearer to me!

  2. Sounds like you have had a great long weekend. Well done on the £100 win especially!


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