Friday, 9 April 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

Last week, I had an email from a friend of a friend.

"I'm looking for a charm bracelet for a birthday gift for a colleague, on an Alice In Wonderland theme. Do you think you can do something? She really loves flamingos, so we definitely want to include that."

Time from order to delivery ... one week and one day. EEK!!

So, with visions of blue caterpillars dancing in my head, I indulged in a little
hardcore Ebay and Etsy time (can we have three cheers for internet shopping? Hip, hip, hip hooray!), within a couple of hours, I'd ordered up mushrooms, keys, Cheshire cats, tea pots, love hearts and ... a silver flamingo!

All week, little parcels have dropped through my letter box from
'round the world, and I've added them to the bracelet, and on Tuesday evening, I got to hand deliver this ...

Cute, no?

And look!! There is even a silver flamingo!

There was just one small glitch. You know how they say that art mirrors life? Well the White Rabbit, entirely in character, was late! He arrived this morning, and has been put on a clasp to be added to the bracelet in due course. Dapper, isn't he?

I've had so much fun finding all the bits for this bracelet. I think I see some more themed charm bracelets at loulouworkshop in the not too distant ...


  1. It's beautiful, where do I sign up to get one?

  2. Fun fun fun. That looks lovely.

  3. That's gorgeous! Any plans to put it on your Etsy store?

  4. I want one! Can you make me one!? Let me know if you make any more and i will buy one. I adore this bracelet.


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