Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hats, bags, fizz and horsies

Oh, what a fabulously lovely and gorgeous day!

You find me tired, a bit tipsy, and sun burnt. But happy!

Too much to tell you everything, so here's just a few of my highlights ...

Gorgeous Jules and I had a lovely leisurely morning, pottering around, getting dolled up, and munching scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for our breakfast, before heading out to meet the girls.

This year I was in a dark maxi dress and quite a big black feather fascinator, which isn't your typical Streatham Common station clobber, and might have raised a few eyebrows. But Jules was something else! Killer electric blue heels, miniskirt, and a head-dress made using 75 peacock feathers, and standing 23 inches (we measured) tall. To say we attracted attention would be an understatement. I shall feel quite dull tomorrow morning, scruffing along in my trousers and flats. I might wear a hat, just for the hell of it.

Anyway, trains, trains, trains, blah, blah, blah, nothing to report, until we picked up a particularly glamorous looking Baglady at Ascot station and our party was complete.

And then really, the day was a blur of champagne, hats, fascinators, gorgeous bags, champagne, racing cards, cardigans, royalty, horses, ice-creams, wins and losses, Union Jacks, champagne, brass bands, sun burn, racing tips, feathers, gusts of wind, Arabs in white suits (very "the man from Del Monte"), Vera Lynn, BBC, tiny little jockeys, and, did I mention, champagne?

Oh, what a lovely, lovely day! Apart from the fact that the combination of sun burn and a strappy dress makes me look like a doily, and the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow, it was perfect. So roll on Ascot 2011!! We're planning a theme of red, white and blue!

Oh, and the Queen, in case you were wondering, was resplendent in red! Gawd love 'er!

This is not a picture of the Queen.


  1. Just smashing. So much champagne! So decadent! So can't wait for next year!

  2. Gorgeous. Can I come next year? I shall try very hard not to let the side down. x


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