Saturday, 26 June 2010


This is a short post about stripping.

As you may recall from my list of Jobs What Need Doing, I have a chest of drawers and two little bedside chests that I want to have stripped back to bare wood. This is a job that I was resigned to, but not looking forward to, doing myself.

Just out of interest, I just looked online to see if there are any local furniture strippers who I could get to do it for me, and I found a bloke with, in my humble opinion, the BEST company name ever!

So tomorrow, I'll be calling Jack the Stripper for a quote. Because how could I resist?!


  1. Brilliant. Bet he is a great stripper with a name like that. Here's hoping you finish all the jobs in double quick time and can come for a weekend by the seaside. xxx

  2. Sounds fab. But you might want to tuck a kitchen knife into a sock, just in case...


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