Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dressing for dinner

A friend of mine is quite giddy with excitement at the fact that he's just booked his DJ for his company Christmas party.

I rally a bit against organised fun. It makes me come out in a bit of a rash. I loathe New Year, I struggle with hen parties, I try my best not to have a birthday unless I can help it. Any event, basically, which involves a host of planning, and won't live up to expectation makes me squirm.

But a wee bit of me felt wistful for the big dressy affair. It's been such a long time since I properly dressed up, and I do so love it. I used to work for bit corporate monsters which had annual dinners, and now I work for small niche firms where that sort of thing just isn't practical. I haven't put on an evening dress and heels for such a long time, and I'm not sure when I will next get the chance to. I wonder ... do we little girls ever tire of playing at dressy ups?

So today at lunchtime I was feeling a bit twitchy, and in need of a walk, so I left the office and wandered up Carnaby Street. The windows are all full of party outfits and sparkles now, and there are shoes, shoes, shoes to be gawped at, but nothing that I really need, so I kept walking.

At the top of the street, I ducked into Liberty's back door, and wandered aimlessly through gifts, perfumes, bags, jewellery, and lots of lovely things to satisfy my glamour craving.

Out the front door and on to Regent Street, and again with the windows full of sequins, sparkles, silk, satin, fluff, and feather. I slipped into one or two shops to let the fabrics run through my fingers and think lovely party thoughts, then back out again, and on up to Oxford Circus.

I decided that I ought to head back to the office, so I shuffled through the scrums, and nipped through a department store, back to Carnaby Street and to the office.

A shame, I hear you mutter, that, with such romantic shopping notions, and so many opportunities, I should come home empty handed.

Well you're WRONG! Of COURSE I bought something! Of COURSE I have something new and exciting to slip on. Of COURSE I have something just perfect for the approaching holiday season.

I am sitting here, typing this post, whilst wearing ... my NEW SLIPPERS. With pom poms on the toes. Oh yes! I am ready for the Christmas party season, and I'm doing it in style!

Ho ho ho!


  1. You do make me giggle - pom poms?!


  2. I am loving the mental image of you wiggling your be-pom-pommed toes. How lovely!

  3. Ooh, come for dinner at mine, no party just dressing up and you can wear your new slippers.

  4. Are you sure they aren't Cinderella style glass ones?

  5. Amelia - yes. Pom poms. Don't judge me.
    BL - Your image is quite accurate. Wiggley wiggle.
    MH - well thank you! Shall I bring a bag of Percy Pigs for pudding?
    L - Well ... were Cinderella's slippers knitted in two shades of grey, with a fleecy inside?

  6. But did you buy any smellies at Liberty? They sell such lovely stuff.

  7. Check my blog out. You've won something.

  8. I've just bought slippers too but mine don't have pom-poms. How annoying - I'll take them back at once!

  9. I so wish I could pull off pom poms!

  10. Somewhat belatedly over from Mr LS. The new slippers sound delightful and would grace any evening event.

  11. Kate - 2010 will be all about pom-poms! Take them back immediately!

    RH - Don't PULL OFF pom-poms! Put ON pom-poms!

    MD - You are quite right, of course. I'll be investing in the right PJs in time for the Christmas party!


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