Thursday, 26 November 2009

And ... relax

Eugh! Enough of the emotions, already!
Now I've got all THAT off my chest, let's move on.

So, today was my last day at work! I've gone. Vamooshed. Escaped. Left the building.

It was a bit of a non-event really. Got to the end of the day, turned off my computer, and left. My leaving drinks are tomorrow night, so I've to go back to be plied with booze. Hell! I fear that's when I might get tearful. Especially after the fifth G&T. I worry I might come over either a bit "you know I love you", or, worse, "I'll tell you what I think ..." Someone please keep an eye on me!

And then I have a glorious week off before I start at the new place. Seven glorious days to myself. No calls on my time. Nowhere I have to be. Nothing I have to do.

So what shall I do?

Let's start with the dull and tedious. A few weeks back, I stripped all the wallpaper off my dining room walls and realised that to make it look nice was going to take a lot (A. LOT) of work. A clear week of graft would get it licked. I'd be done and be able to have it all straight for Christmas, which would be lovely. It's not interesting, but the idea of having that room sorted this time next week is heaven.

Or, I could enjoy being a tourist in my own city for a while. I've lived in London for ten years, and seen only about this much (*holds hands very close together*) of it. I could go to galleries and museums. I could walk to the top of things, and along the side of things, and around things that I've never yet seen. How much of London could I see in a whole week? Americans do the whole of Europe in ten days, so surely I could cover most of it!

I could go away. I could get online and book myself a few days somewhere. Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Blackpool. A nice little last minute mini-break would be good. And, after all, what's the point in being young, free and single, if I'm actually middle aged, bound to the house, and living on takeaway pizza? I could TOTALLY order takeaway pizza in Paris!

What do you think, folks? I'm throwing it open to the group. A clear week of zero obligation. What would you do?


  1. Do the dining room. You'll be so glad you did and won't have time again for ages once you start a new job.
    But set aside a day to be a tourist in London, you can see and do so much in one day if you're dedicated. We did when we were there in October and loved every minute of it.
    Ah, I love it when I sound mature and wise. Such a fun illusion ...

  2. If you do the London tourist thing, I'll come too!

  3. Oh go away and have a glamorous adventure. And tell us about it when you're home.

  4. Book a mini trip, do the living room and keep some days for fun fun fun.

    The trick is to get to do all of it :-)

  5. Oooooooooohhhhhh - some 'free' time to do what you want, how lovely.

    Well, like some of the above, I would get some things done I don't normally have the time to do - in your case, decorating? And then make, make, make - get those new jewellery designs out into the world and on to your shop .. . . . and yes, if you can fit in site seeing and a mini-trip then go for it!!!



  6. How lovely. I think all work and no play makes jack a dull boy so don't spend the whole week on the dining room. Treat yourself to some fun. Because you're worth it *swish swish*

    And I think some cakes should be on the agenda too. Eating, not making!


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