Monday, 16 November 2009

Ungood English #2

There I was, wandering up Northcote Road, in the company of good friends.

It was Sunday lunchtime.

I was chilled out and enjoying the day.

Until we passed the local dentist, whereupon I stopped in the middle of a busy pavement and squawked something unintelligible. So unintelligible that I don't know what I said. It sounded like this ... "Euagghhhrraggggg".

My companions stopped and looked at me, open mouthed, horrified. Then then followed my pointing, quivering finger, and realisation hit. They nodded at me. They knew.

What is that apostrophe doing there? Why is it there? WHY? How many new patients are welcome? Just the one presumably.


Let's move on ...


  1. Ti hi.... love your gasping... and the quivering finger.

    (and you're making me really selfconcious about my spelling)

  2. Yeah, that patient was me ; )


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