Thursday, 5 November 2009

I'm getting hitched!

Very near my current office (and regrettably far from my new office) is the stupendously fabulous Mrs Kibble's Sweet Shop.

Picture, if you will, the sweet shop that would feature in a period drama, or in a Disney film. It's a tiny shop, not big enough to swing even the tiniest of cats, and the windows and walls are lined with jars filled with the sweets of my youth.

I have told you before about my dirty liquorice comfit habit, and it's Mrs Kibble who is my dealer. I'm there regularly. It's getting embarrassing.

Today, I went to get some sweets for a friend. I don't say a "a friend" meaning "me". I really mean they were for a friend. Really ... I do. Oh, what's the point! Anyway, whilst there, I noticed some bags under the counter of cinder toffee.

Oh, sweet heaven! A cellophane baggie full of delicious reminiscences! What joy! It was divine. Nom, nom, nom!

But here's the best bit. In an email exchange with the very gorgeous Baglady I mentioned my purchase, and she made me this promise ...

If I will learn to make cinder toffee, she will leave Mr Manbag, and marry me!

Dearest reader, I am happy to confirm that I have accepted. I'm hoping for a jelly ring on my finger any day now!


  1. In a first, I notice there is no comment from Mr Manbag. Is he stunned into silence?

  2. I suspect his nose is a little put out of joint. He's still got time to perfect his own cinder coffee and clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. Everything still to play for ...

  3. Huge congratulations TT, can I catch the love heart bouquet?

  4. Youi've made me the happiest gal alive!

    I think we should both wear tiaras made out of tom thumb drops. And licorice comfit ear-rings. And our rings should be jelly friendship rings.

  5. I'm mentally relaunching Loulou Workshop on a sweeter theme ...

    Baglady, darling, candy sweet pants too? Or would that be going a tad too far?


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