Sunday, 4 October 2009

Closed House

What a fabulously fabulous weekend!

We Wandsworth Artists have worked our little artistic socks off this weekend and it has been worth every tiny bit of effort. After weeks of build up, hours spent stockpiling, and a LOT of shameless publicity, I am pleased to report that this weekend was a roaring success!

I'm not going to lie to you. Yesterday morning was quiet, and I was starting to wonder what I'd signed up for. But an amazing thing happened. People started coming in droves for Gillian's brooch and bunting making. In a matter of minutes, the kitchen was transformed into a full on, felt cutting, button sewing, sequin sticking workshop. Children of all ages (some of them 45 ...) got stuck in and made some great stuff, whilst their parents obligingly said flattering things about our work (such as "I'd like to buy this please"). It was just great!

And aren't people fascinating? We had all sorts this weekend! We met a film producer. An actual producer of films! Imagine that! And a man who owns a company that makes climbing frames. How do you get into the climbing frame business? Do you start with ladders and build up? We met a lady who makes wedding dresses and spent a long time pouring over my tiaras, not, as I foolishly thought, so that we could indulge in a little cross-selling action (*ahem*) but so that she could copy my designs and make them herself. Is it me? Or is that downright flaming cheeksome? I also met a man who referred to feeding time for his baby as "time for mummy-milk". I had to leave the room.

So that's it! One weekend down and another to go. And I have a sneaking suspicion that next week might be even better!


  1. I imagine to get into the climbing frame business you probably need a leg up.

  2. Firstly that sounds a lot cheeksome to me. Bee-hatch.

    Mummy milk? That is just plain wrong. But then he's clearly never thought about what daddy milk would be. Which is wronger.

  3. Well quite, Baglady.
    I think that "milk" would have been qualification enough.

    MLS - tut tut *shakes head*

  4. Mummy milk over here is Chardonnay, AKA mummy petrol.

  5. oh dear, I've just realised who you are!! I was clicking on your old blog icon wondering why it didn't work, and thinking who's that tooting person stalking me!! Not paying enough attention here at fabric towers! I really enjoyed doing the open house with you and very much looking forward to more crafty adventures! And hearing more about the conkers! xx


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