Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ungood English #1

I'm sorry Folks.

Last night's post got a bit ... well ... self indulgent. I was feeling flat and I used you as a sounding board. It was wrong. In many ways. It won't happen again. (Actually, do you know what? It bloody might. It's my blog, so there! Ha haaa!)

So tonight, a return to the flippant. I bring you the first in what I imagine will be a series of posts which I shall entitle "Ungood English".

I realise that I'm putting myself out there for criticism of my own poor punctuation or spelling, but I can't help a wee poke at those people who take the time to write a public notice ... and get it wrong. Nothing makes my toes curl, and yet, perversely, pleases me, quite like a misplaced apostrophe on a poster on the tube, or a missing comma on laminated advert in a department store. Whilst part of me dies inside at the prospect of the death of our fine and noble language, another part leaps with glee that I've caught another one at it. Part of me wants to smack the knees of people who use the wrong their / there / they're and another chuckles at the misapplication of it's / its.

And so I give you promotional signage from the new local oriental cafe, Lily's Tea House, where, apparently, you can eat on the premises, or eat. At. Home.

Do get in touch if you have a submission for Ungood English #2. I know there's more out there ...

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  1. Well, I've signed up now to be a follower as you do make me giggle! Wish my life was as interesting as yours (with spontaneity thrown in for good measure - those days are gone for now - sigh)

    Funny, but on my blog I have been struggling away with wandering apostrophe's in exactly the manner you mention. Thinking I've got on top of it after pondering for a while, only to discover on reading your blog posts I have spelt Earl Grey tea wrong on my blog!! Shame on me eh?!


    PS. whoever 'that' guy is that affected you sunday night, well, just imagine him in his pyjamas and then maybe you will see things differently ;-)



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