Thursday, 8 October 2009

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day.

With this in mind, I give you this offering ...

There one was a blogger from Tooting
Who liked to bake cakes that had fruit in
With a big currant bun
She loaded her gun
And used her rock cakes to go shootin

Thank you very much, folks.
I'll be here all week!


  1. Hey, over from London Street, that's quite a plug he gave you, and the poem didn't disappoint! Looking forward to reading you.

  2. Hi there MH!
    It is rather, isn't it? I pay him in cake to say nice things.
    Thanks for swinging by! Hope to see you around again soon.

  3. Your rock cakes sound like they're best buddies with my flapjacks :)

  4. I headed here from MLS.

    I now find myself in a bit of a situation. I've made some rock cakes but they don't fit in my shotgun What size cake cutters did you use? Or if not then what size dough balls? It is pretty damn hard to control the expansion so that they can fit down the barrel...

  5. No, no. You've got it all wrong.
    Don't make the rock cakes to fit the barrel of the gun. Throw whatever size cakes you make at the wall, and you'll find that the lumps that shatter off the edges will fit your shotgun perfectly. Simples!


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